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Updated Nov 9, 2007

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[Nov 9 2007] The new 1.5 mile trail on the Bull Creek Water Quality Protection Lands opens Friday, Nov 9 at 10 am. Come and visit - tours Sat Nov 10 at 10 am and 12 noon - all details on our blog: bullcreekfoundation.blogspot.com

Bull Creek Foundation, an all-volunteer affiliate of the Austin Parks Foundation, has ongoing volunteer projects at Bull Creek District Park, the Greenbelt Trail and the forthcoming Bull Creek Water Quality Protection Lands trail. Visit our projects page for info on how you can help out.

Enjoying the flowers on the trail...

Another portion of the Bull Creek WQPL trail is pieced together by volunteers. More photos of our Dec 2, Nov 11, and Oct 7 workdays here.

Volunteer workdays on the Bull Creek (Stenis) Water Quality Protection Lands Trail resumed on August 12. Upcoming workdays are Dec 9th and Jan 13th, all from 9 am to 1pm. RSVP to Charlie McCabe - cmccabe at mac dot com.

[Dec 4 06] Plant Rescue from to be developed site on FM 2222 near Jester.

Check out the photos from a big plant rescue project (series of workdays) organized by our own volunteers, Dale and Pat Bulla.

[Sep 10 06] Bull Creek WQPL Trail Educational Signage

Check out the educational signs that we'll be installing along the trail.

[Aug 13 06] Watering assistance needed at Bull Creek District Park - details are here

Please let Skip Cameron know when and where you've watered - scameron at austin dot rr dot com.

[May 15 06] Flood Danger in the Bull Creek Watershed. Another car in Bull Creek. Edcuate yourself on the dangers of lving in Flash Flood Alley.

[Apr 29 06] Pictures from the big Apr 22 Its My Park Day at Bull Creek!

BCP Land Management Plan - Public Comments period ended on March 10th 2006. You can see all comments posted through Thursday, March 9 on the BCPCAC web site Bull Creek Foundation supports the proposal for two public-private partnerships, one city managed and one county managed tract to demonstrate how public uses and volunteering are compatible with the preservation of endangered species in an urban setting. More about the Public Comment process here.

The Bull Creek Watershed...the Galapagos of Texas

A few miles west of urban Austin is a place where a creek flows through stunning wooded canyons and rocky hills. Golden-cheeked warblers nest in the oak-juniper and there have been bobcat sightings in the hills.

This area, known as the Bull Creek Watershed, is a unique landscape of graceful waterfalls, soaring limestone cliffs, moss and fern covered seeps and enchanting hilltop vistas. Today, parts of the watershed are a reminder of how western Travis County looked hundreds of years ago.

About the Foundation...

The Bull Creek Foundation (BCF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting a harmonious balance between nature, recreation, and sustainable economic development within the 32 square mile Bull Creek watershed. The watershed includes high quality ecological areas with limestone seeps, springs, and waterways; scenic cliffs and waterfalls; unique archeological and cultural features; and rare plant and animal life. The watershed's boundaries can roughly be defined as the area inside highways 620 and 183, Mesa Drive, and just south of FM 2222.

For questions about the Bull Creek Foundation, or trail and park workdays
contact Skip Cameron, President
8711 Bluegrass Drive, Austin, TX 78759
home: 794-0531
email: scameron at austin dot rr dot com

For questions about the Bull Creek Foundation website contact Charlie McCabe
email: cmccabe at mac dot com

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