Bull Creek Water Quality Protection Lands
Updated 24 November 2004

The Stenis Tract - AKA - Bull Creek Water Quality Protection Lands

The Bull Creek Foundation has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the City of Austin to develop a 1.5 mile hike and bike trail on the Stenis Tract, a 60 acre parcel held by the Austin Wildlands Dept. as a water quality protection land tract.

Aerial View of the Stenis Tract (Water Quality Protection Lands.

History of the land

Wildflowers on the Stenis Tract (Water Quality Protection Lands.

Owned for many years by the Stenis family, the land was used for recreation and family events, as well as the site of a victory garden during World War II and sometimes leased for cattle grazing.

Purchase by the City of Austin with voter approved bonds in 2000.

- more info coming - you can find out more about the Water Quality Protection Lands at the city of Austin web site

Bull Creek on the Stenis Tract (Water Quality Protection Lands.

Water Quality Protection Lands Stakeholder Steering Cmte

- more info at the city of Austin web site.

- This committee of citizens representing a wide range of interested groups (everything from South Austin Youth Soccer, to the Native Plant Society, to Austin Woods and Waters (hunting advocacy) to Texas Cave Management Association to the Bull Creek foundation - met for six months and developed a consensus based plan for public access for Austin Water Quality protection lands. This recommendation was incorporated into the management plan for the Water Quality Protection Lands and approved by the City council on 14-Dec-01

Meeting Notes from some of the meetings:

  • Sept 27 2000 meeting minutes
  • Oct 11 2000 meeting minutes
  • Oct 25 2000 meeting minutes
  • Nov 09 2000 meeting minutes
    Development of a Memorandum of Agreement

    MOA between the city of Austin and the bull Creek Foundation was signed in early 2004.

    Plans for trail.

    The trail has been flagged and we're going the process of getting cultural resources and environmental clearance before beginning work on the trail.

    Photos from October 2003 workday.

    Volunteers crossing one of the fields.

    Raking and Spreading Grass Seed.

    Josh cutting into the cedar.

    More cutting.

    More cutting.

    Hauling branches.

    More Hauling.

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