Bull Creek WQPL (Stenis) Maps and Educational Displays
Updated Sep 10, 2006

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This pages shows the kiosk trail display as well as the eight trail side displays that will be installed as part of the educational component to be delivered with the 1.5 mile trail. Click on any of the images to see a full sized image.

The map and educational trail head kiosk.

Comtemplation Bench display.

Erosion issues display.

Victory garden display.

Riparian Habitat display.

Tread Lightly display.

Camp Gramps display.

Falls display.

About this project...

About this project - the trail will be 1.5 miles long and developed on City of Austin Water Quality Protection Land per an memorandum of agreement between the city and the Bull Creek Foundation. We've worked to protect this 60 acre tract from development and have been working to build a trail since the city acquired the property in 2000. We've held approx. 6 workdays thus far in 2006 since obtaining final approval to proceed. Hikers and Bikers will be permitted to use the trail, but since the land isn't dedicated park land, special rules apply. The Bull Creek Foundation is solely responsible for development and management of the trail, all tasks will be performed by volunteers.

Questions, comments, concerns? Please contact Charlie at cmccabe@mac.com or 512.965.1960.

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